Administration: Configuration

Limny general settings are as below:

Name Description
TitleWebsite title
MottoWebsite motto
some themes may use this below the header text or logo
DescriptionWebsite description in meta description tag
AddressWebsite address (without slash at end)
HeaderWebsite header text
FooterText shown in website footer
URL ModeSimple: using query parameter in addresses
Standard: Summarized structure of URL (This option works only if mod_rewrite is installed in Apache webserver)
Default ContentDefault content means the content that will be displayed in main page of website
Default Content Value (App/Query/Text)Default content value could be an application, a query parameter or a piece of text.
ThemeWebsite default theme
LanguageWebsite language
Cache lifetimeDuration of in use cached pages for increasing website load speed.
CalendarWebsite calendar that could be in Gregorian or Solar Hijri
Date FormatDate format of website and administration panel dates that could be configured using php date options.
Time ZoneWebsite default time zone
User RegistrationNew user registration feature
Email ConfirmationEmail confirmation after new user registration
SMTP HostSMTP host name for sending emails using smtp server
SMTP PortPort number for SMTP server
SMTP SecuritySecurity type for SMTP connection
SMTP AuthenticationSMTP authentication for user account
SMTP UsernameSMTP username or email address
SMTP PasswordSMTP account password